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Are you up to date with HMRC’s new PENP rule?

Watching headlines unfold that companies like Rolls Royce are making 4,600 people redundant is always a sobering experience. Restructuring the business is sometimes the only way to continue regrettably resulting in the loss of employees through redundancies.  That’s why this week I’ve decided to discuss the new tax rules regarding terminating employment by making people…Read More

Scottish Income Tax Changes

Scottish Income Tax changes fair or unfair? Following historical vote, in February, Scotland has new Income Tax rates. For the first time in Scottish Parliament’s history MSPs passed measures setting income tax rates and bands in Scotland. This is natural progression following Scottish Devolution on 1 of July 1999. Not all is a simple as…Read More

Making Tax Digital

#Making Tax Digital. Anyone ready? #Makingtaxdigital, is the HMRC hashtag of the moment. Quick search on Twitter brings up links to key facts and the time line for the imminent changes to how HMRC, accountants and tax payers will interact, exchange information and keep all records on compatible software. Join the Twitter debate and you’ll…Read More

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