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Business data: fool’s gold or gold nuggets?

Rapid change in technology is accelerating in 2018 and creating a headache for business owners. The growth of technology results in exponential growth of data collected and clogging up your business systems.  Now with the added pressure of GDPR and the impact of handling personal data, business owners are struggling to stand still, let alone…Read More

Would your business pass the solvency test?

The collapse of Carrillion rocked the business world.  We’re already witnessing the insolvency domino affect along the wider supply chain.  One thing is clear the warning signs were ignored. Here’s a guide to insolvency to help Directors spot warning signs early:  business or  supplier.   What does insolvency mean for Directors? Insolvency, is complicated. However,…Read More

Can millennials be successful entrepreneurs?

As an accountant I’m keen to spot new business talent. Where better to look than within the new crop of entrepreneurs hidden amongst the 12 million millennials, living in the UK today? Not everyone agrees with me. LinkedIn is peppered with articles branding millennials as easily distracted, obsessed with smartphones and lacking the ability to…Read More

How success in business is a marathon not a sprint.

  My resolution this year is my biggest personal challenge to date – complete the London Marathon to raise funds for Action for Children. My marathon journey has striking similarities to advice I give clients developing a business plan. To succeed you need a vision, objectives and a goal. To reach your goal and make…Read More

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