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Tax Planning

Why do you need a tax expert?

Tax is often the most confusing and feared part of running a household or a business and with good reason.

Making mistakes in preparing your accounts or tax returns or missing deadlines will almost inevitably result in hefty fines, interest payments and worse still a rigorous HMRC investigation.

An experienced Tax specialist fully understands the complex issues and laws surrounding tax.

You won’t overpay or underpay, you’ll never miss a deadline again and your accounts and tax returns will be fully and accurately prepared. You’ll be feeling relaxed well in advance of your next deadline.

We also offer fee protection insurance. For a modest premium you can relax knowing that we will fight your corner without having to throw in the towel because of fees.

If you’re already facing an HMRC tax investigation find out now how we can help by reading our HMRC Support page.

Why choose Murrison & Wilson tax experts?

Bruce Wilson, senior partner, specialises in tax advice and tax planning for individuals and businesses.

Having worked for the HMRC, Bruce, fully understands what information is expected from you, how to prepare accurate accounts and file tax information in a timely manner.

Unlike other accountants you won’t simply receive an automated email reminder just before an important deadline or an eleventh hour letter telling you, you have a tax bill to pay in a few days.

Instead, Bruce works closely with you throughout the year and is dedicated to seeking the best financial tax outcome suited to your financial situation.


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Tax and business planning

We don’t believe in working in isolation. That’s why at Murrison & Wilson we combine our business strategy and tax planning services to help you to keep good records, keep HMRC happy but also to better understand your financial position and the size of your next business tax bill up to 21 months in advance.

Staying on top of your tax means you can start focussing on life again or focussing on why you started your business in the first place.

Get in touch if you need help sorting out your tax affairs:

  • Preparing accounts and Audits?
  • Completing your Self Assessment Tax Returns?
  • Budgeting for your next tax bill?
  • Meeting deadlines?
  • Tax Protection?
  • Tax Planning?
  • VAT Registration and compliance?
  • Understanding your tax returns?
  • Good record keeping?
  • Making benefits work better for you?

How we can start maximising your tax planning and benefits?

Starting with a free consultation, we’re readily available for meetings or getting in touch by phone email and social media.

Competitive accounting for you

Adopting the latest accounting technology has streamlined our business practices providing error free accounts faster than before and completing tax returns accurately on time, every time.

We pass the savings onto you without compromising on quality advice and support.

Our promise

It’s our promise, that you’ll not receive unexpected accounting bills and you will fully understand your financial position anytime. Otherwise we’re not doing our job properly. You have a part to play too, by supplying us with the information in enough time to allow us to keep our promise.


Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.

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