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HMRC Support

HMRC are tightening up their processes and the number of investigations into individuals, small and medium sized businesses across all sectors are on the rise.

HMRC and you?

Like many you may dread the letter from the HMRC. All that the HMRC asks of you is to maintain compliant records, produce accurate accounts on time and in the right format and file what you have to, on time every time.

Sounds easy enough. Unless you’re running a business and/or have complicated personal and financial affairs to manage and no time left to spare.

When dealing with the HMRC it’s never too early to seek professional help but it can be too late.

How can Murrison and Wilson help you deal with the HMRC?

At Murrison and Wilson our tax specialist, senior partner Bruce Wilson, worked for the HMRC and is known as an expert in his field including corporation tax, inheritance tax, income tax, VAT and PAYE.

Combining the expertise in tax laws with knowledge of HMRC processes Bruce personally manages your affairs to guarantee you peace of mind.

Using the latest accountancy software you can trust that you’re:

  • records are presented accurately and on time
  • reports are HMRC formatted so no late returns or late fines
  • financial position is clear so you never over pay or under pay
  • systems are robust, safe and secure so you are never let down by technology
  • less likely to face an HMRC investigation.

HMRC has the power to raise queries at any time and so we cannot guarantee you will never face an enquiry but our expertise coupled with the fee protection insurance means you have less to worry about.

Are you in the middle of an HMRC investigation?

Have you left it too late? Don’t bury your head in the sand. The sooner you call us the sooner we can start talking to HMRC on your behalf.

We‘ll act promptly for you and provide the relevant information in a format that HMRC require and on time.

We will seek fairer as well as suspended penalties, help to contain interest charges and you could even manage to avoid the investigation dragging on with the stress and worry from your ongoing HMRC investigation.

Get in touch if you are worrying about?

  • Poor record keeping or missing or lost records
  • Missing deadlines
  • Late penalties
  • Large unexpected tax bills
  • HMRC investigation


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