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Market Research

How to market research your business idea for free? You wouldn’t be the first to wake up suddenly at 3am excited about your dream of setting up a new business and being your own boss. In the cold light of day have you got a viable business idea that will survive beyond the first year?…Read More

Business Mentoring

Business mentoring matters Did you know every Dragon in Dragon’s Den has had a business mentor at some point in their highly successful career?   If you are feeling trapped in old ways of thinking, working all the hours in the week busily tackling problems and making decisions out with your comfort zone and still…Read More


BREXIT – Taxing for UK business? There are still so many questions surrounding the EU Referendum for business owners. It’s difficult to say exactly what will happen to UK businesses if UK citizens vote to leave the EU. Would we adopt the Norwegian model and remain in the European Economic Area, join the Swiss model…Read More

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