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How to beat the summertime slump?

How to beat the summertime slump? No one around to pick up your sales calls? No enquiries into your inbox? Everyone’s on holiday? Sound familiar? Some business owners accept that business is quiet, sit back and relax with a Pimm’s in a deckchair and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Summer isn’t the time to take your…Read More

When is the right time to become a Limited Company?

When’s the right time to set up a Limited Company? Are you setting up a new business or are you a long term sole trader thinking about changing the structure of your company to a Limited Company but unsure if the timing is right? If you’re looking for income benefits and protection for your business…Read More

It’s that time again – Payments on Account

It’s that time again – Payments on Account When the sun is shining it’s tempting to make the most of the hot weather and put things on hold until the next rainy day. HMRC, however, is immune to our changeable weather and their deadlines can’t be ignored or you risk hefty penalties. Are you registered…Read More

VAT Registration

When should I become VAT registered?  Having worked for many years with every type of business the question that crops up again and again is “When should I become VAT registered?”. For so many business owners VAT registration seems shrouded in mystery. This is because there are advantages and disadvantages of registering that aren’t determined by your company’s turnover. Confusion reigns because different products and services you sell can have different…Read More

P11D Time again

P11D time again! Are you aware you must submit a P11D form for every director or employee that received benefits and expenses within the last tax year? June is yet another very busy month for Accountants with yet another immoveable deadline looming – P11D submissions due 6 of July 2015. We’re actively preparing our clients’,…Read More

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